Correct Hand Washing Steps: Find Your Indelible Hand Washing Score

Hand washing_water Washing hands under water faucet

Are you washing your hands properly? Hand washing is a habit. Hand washing is a skill. Hand washing is something that you do every day, often, without even thinking about it. Hand washing is probably one of those automatic things you do in your everyday life, like tying your shoes. At the beginning of the […]

Announcing Participation at the 2023 Ed Games Expo Showcase

The John F. Kennedy Center for Performing Arts

The ED Games Expo 2023 is the public showcase of remarkable game-changing educational technology (EdTech) innovations. 2023 Ed Games Expo is the 9th annual event. These games and innovations are created through more than 50 programs at the Institute of Education Sciences (IES), the U.S. Department of Education (ED), and across many other Institutes and Departments of US government.

Science Research Fair – An Unexpected Gift

Dr. Criley (left) and Naomi Kao (right) stand beside Naomi's project on hand hygiene training for elementary school students.

I looked at these beautiful young faces feeling like I reunited with a long forgotten relative or a friend. These kids were sometimes too smart or too quirky, or extremely curious, or too quiet, or too loud, or too critical or too nice and polite. I remember them all, all too well. Some took a few courses, while many others took every single course we offered. There was always something endearing about each one of them. As I looked at their faces, I still could recognize that little person they once were, years ago.

The Emotional Side of Being a Doctor During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Dr Jasminka Criley providing hospital medical care during COVID19 pandemic.

Hospitalist Shift It was a Thursday evening: a day that was supposed to be one of those “regular” evening shifts. Then, at 6:15 p.m., my first page went off: “Bed 11, Mrs. R., Dr. H. needs to talk to you”. The page came from the COVID section of the emergency department. I immediately called back. […]

What Are Face Masks and Respirators?

Medical/Surgical Face Mask

By Richard Criley and Dr. Jasminka Criley During the past few months, I have received many questions about N95 respirators. Why are they called respirators, and not masks? Who are they for? Are they better than “regular” masks? Who should wear these respirators, and who benefits from wearing them? Which masks are appropriate for which […]