When: September 19 to 22, 2024.

Location: John F. Kennedy Center for Performance Arts – REACH, Washington DC.

The John F. Kennedy Center for Performing Arts
The John F Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts

By Team Indelible

Indelible Learning was again invited to participate in the Ed Games Expo in Washington, DC. As a result, 2023 is a third year that we will participate in this exciting Ed Tech Showcase.

Indelible Learning is humbled and honored to be presenting our 3 fantastically innovative and uniquely engaging edtech games at this meaningful event. Our Ed Tech games include: Election Lab, Bubble Beats Handwashing Trainer and End Of Imperial.

Election Lab was funded and supported by the IES Research.

Bubble Beats Handwashing Trainer and End Of imperial were supported by the National Institutes of Health National Institute of General Medical Sciences.

We are again, honored and grateful to be invited to showcase our great and innovative work.

What is 2023 Ed Games Expo?

The ED Games Expo 2023 is the public showcase of remarkable game-changing educational technology (EdTech) innovations. 2023 Ed Games Expo is the 9th annual event. These games and innovations are created through more than 50 programs at the Institute of Education Sciences (IES), the U.S. Department of Education (ED), and across many other Institutes and Departments of US government.

ED Games Expo 2023 will take place from September 19 to 22, 2023 at the Kennedy Center REACH in Washington, DC. A live-streamed virtual event will be held on September 21.

The Ed Games Expo will feature more than 200 education learning games and technologies created by entrepreneurial developers and academic researchers. Ed Games Expo attendees will have the opportunity to:

Indelible Learning Co-Founders, are creative, innovative, educators, leaders and entrepreneurs. This amazing husband-wife team will be at the 2023 Ed Games Expo in Washington DC.

If you are attending Ed Games Expo 2023, come meet our CEO Dr Jasminka M. Criley, MD, FACP, FHM and COO Stuart Criley, MBA at these events:

TuesdaySept 19th12:00 – 4:00 PM EDTShowcase XR for Learning
   Pearl Street Warehouse
WednesdaySept 20th8:30 – 10:00 AM EDTShowcase: Innovations in Civic Education
 Library of Congress
 10:00 AM – 12:00 PMED Games Expo for Elementary Schools
 10:00 AM – 12:00 PMED Games Expo for Middle and High Schools
 5:30 PM – 8:30 PMED Games Expo for the Public
   The REACH
ThursdaySept 21st9:00 AM – 3:15 PMIES Innovation Day
   The REACH
Events at the 2023 Ed Games Expo where you can meet and greet Team Inedible, our innovators and visionaries.

We accentuate some of our edtech games achievements with our student-created fashion designs as well. We will proudly display some of those at the 2023 Ed Games Expo. Check out our: Bubble Man Shirt, Election Lab, End Of Imperial (inspired by talented and famous actor), Flame Hoodie and more. We combine Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics (STEAM) in many complimentary and interdisciplinary manners.

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