Interactive Training in the W.H.O. steps for hand hygiene


This is only the first of several steps to washing your hands.

5 seconds minimum


This step scrubs the back of one hand and between the fingers. Remember to scrub the other hand too.

5 Seconds minimum (each side)


The cuticles and nails are some of the hardest areas to clean (and therefore the most dirty).

5 Seconds Minimum (Each side)


This step cleans further along the fingers than the Backs scrub step.

5 Seconds Minimum (Each side)


Pressing and scrubbing in small circles helps free dirt from under the nailbeds.

5 Seconds Minimum (Each side)


Swivel the thumb and the fist of the other hand, and clean from the base to the tip of the thumb.

5 Seconds Minimum (Each side)


Long sleeves may get in the way, which can prevent you from cleaning your wrists.

5 Seconds Minimum (Each side)

Virtual UV inspection

The trainer lets you inspect your virtual hands under ultraviolet light, revealing areas you still need to wash.

"You won’t wash what you don’t see.”

Stuart Criley, Program Director

a Virtual trainer with high-fidelity to the task

realistic training

To test whether the training works, we perform an external assay of handwashing proficiency. The scrubbing motions in the trainer are tightly tied to those same motions performed in real life.