Be a campaign manager

To really understand how the Electoral College works, you need flip your perspective: see it how the campaigns do.
Immersive board Game

Play the game one-on-one or in pairs. Easy to begin, hard to win.

Classroom Workshop

Start with a quick presentation, then have your class dive right in.

Team Play

Tournament is fast paced; may the best strategy win!

Massive Game Session

Fill your auditorium. Turn live learning into an event.

Over 650 students and teachers have played our game. See what they're saying.

  2016 & 2020 Election Lab -- for 20 to 40 students



  2000 & 2012 Election Lab -- for 20 to 40 students



  1960 & 1988 Election Lab -- for 20 to 40 students



  1860 & 1876 Election Lab -- for 20 to 40 students



  Deluxe Election Lab (All 8 Years) -- for 20 to 40 students




See what parents, students, teachers, and principals are saying about Election Lab.

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