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We are developers of world-class innovative and engaging programs and games in science and health. Our talent is making complex topics easy to understand. Our goal is to engage all learners, including gifted.

Our mission at Indelible Learning is to ignite every student’s inner light and make learning indelible. We build educational programs and learning games that are interdisciplinary, interactive, engaging, and collaborative, prompting students to solve complex, meaningful, real life problems. Our programs use ground truth from actual cases to provide educators with powerful, story-driven scenarios. The message beyond the immediate classwork fosters healthier habits for life, while increasing student knowledge and interest in health science and STEM-related careers. Our vision is to transform education and advance health—so that every learner, from every background, age, or ZIP code, is prepared for health and educational success.

Our Approach

We resolve the paradox of low student engagement and short attention spans by presenting students with authentic problems, requiring a decision that has consequences. When presented with a problem like this, students care about finding the answer. They work with furious intensity to understand the problem at a deep level. The question of why I should learn this never comes up.

We use current science and current professional practices and wherever possible actual data. We structure the lessons so that students are drawn in by a perplexity or paradox before we introduce a concept or tool that can resolve the paradox. We also create authentic experiences: whenever possible, we place students in the shoes of the professionals having them solve real-life problems. Students use tools and interpret data as experts or professionals would.

Stuart Criley

COO/ Co-FOunder

Jasminka Criley

CEO/ Founder


Stuart Criley, MBA is COO and Co-Founder of Indelible Learning. Mr. Criley has a long-standing expertise in developing interactive teaching and testing programs for healthcare since 1998, and science and health educational programs and games for K-12 since 2008. He is an inventor and holder of two patents. Over the past  20 years, Stuart held leadership positions and played numerous roles in educational software development, instructional design and delivery, technology innovation, game-based learning, cross-disciplinary learning, as well as various programs’ mobile and web delivery.

Jasminka Vukanovic-Criley, MD, FACP, FHM is CEO and Co-Founder of Indelible Learning. Dr Criley is also Associate Clinical Professor of Medicine at the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA and an internist/hospitalist, with over 30 years in healthcare, and K-60 education expertise. Innovative leader, she held many positions throughout her medical, research, teaching, consulting, and mentoring/advising career, including those at Johns Hopkins, Vanderbilt, Stanford, UCLA, and Indelible Learning.

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