How to Apply for a Job at Indelible Learning

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We are excited to be able to offer additional positions for new projects. If you follow our tips and guidelines (which we have collected through painful prior experience), you will make our job easier in hiring you.

Remember: we are screening and reviewing scores of applications. When you do something that slows down this process, you are unnecessarily adding to our work. If we must work that much harder to view your résumé, understand your portfolio, or set up an interview, we may run out of available time, and may not give your application the attention you hoped we would have.


Make sure to have all the necessary components, and present an easy-to-follow timeline of your education and work history.

Upload a PDF. Word documents are difficult to preview online, and recruiters don’t have time to download and open them.

Use your full name and the position you are seeking as the filename.

Good: Iwerks_Ub_2D-Animator.PDF

Bad: MyResume.PDF

Why is the second filename bad? It has no obvious way to connect your résumé to you. Back when you were in school, if your instructor received 60 homework assignments named “homework.doc,” he or she would either have to rename all of them with the student’s name, or (more likely) return the assignment without review. Therefore, don’t use MyResume.PDF. Do you really want your recruiter to take the trouble to rename it?

The reason to put the position you are seeking in the filename is that companies frequently recruit for more than one position simultaneously. It helps them keep the applicants sorted.

For artists and animators

What do you think the most important piece of information is in your résumé?

If the recruiter cannot find your work, you will fail the initial screening. Place these links near the top.

Scheduling an online interview

If you are invited for an interview, we have provided instructions in the email how to select an available time slot.

Once you have chosen a time slot, you will receive a confirmatory email, along with instructions how to cancel or reschedule the interview.

Read the emails we send to you

We will provide a link to schedule your video interview. It is your task to schedule the time that works best for you.

Do not reply with times you are available. Use the system for scheduling we have put in place. Ignoring this system, or failing to read the email instructions, sends an unfavorable signal.

Study the job or project description

As eager as you may very well be to land the job, you should try to learn as much as you can about what we expect from you, once you begin working with us. Think hard whether you would be a good fit. Do you have the minimum skills necessary? Do you have the aptitude to gain the future skills you will need when the job grows into more responsibilities?

Study our website

We develop interactive programs and learning games that we wish we’d had, when we were young, curious about the world, and hungry to learn. The diverse topics we cover have a common theme: they are generally poorly understood, or difficult to understand. The topics receive short shrift in traditional classrooms, even though they are important. But learning them well, understanding them deeply, will have long-lasting benefits. If this mission resonates with you, you may have a place at Indelible Learning.

Every company has its own culture. Ours is extremely important to us. We spend a lot of time on this! We firmly believe it is a vital element to our collective success. We hire very bright people. We are not intimidated by people who may know more than we do. We have high standards, especially for how we treat one another. Kindness, respect, and honesty are essential. Most of all, you should have these high standards yourself.

Prepare for the interview

Practicing your delivery will help you bring your answers into focus, and to the point. If you have thought about the job description, the project, and the company, it will show.

Prepare questions about the work we are asking you to do

As you read, and likely re-read the description, what questions occur to you? What would be helpful to know, before you make a decision to join us?

During the interview

Try to find a place where you can be alone

When you are free from distractions, or pressing appointments, you will do a better job of engaging with the interviewer.

If you are in the car (which is not ideal), find a quiet place to park. When you are on video, we strongly recommend that you are the only person in the vehicle. It is awkward to be discussing compensation with your significant other sitting in the next seat, with his or her arm across your shoulders.  (This has happened!)

Give yourself time for the interview

Do not squeeze too many other activities or appointments immediately before or after the interview. You do not want to cut your interview short, or have unanswered questions, before you must run to another appointment.

Be yourself

We don’t expect a performance in the interview. We would be disappointed if you managed to appear one way in our interviews, but show up to work as an entirely different person. Soon you would be disappointed too, because you would discover that you and the company are not the right fit. Honesty is not only important to us, it needs to be important to you too.

In closing

We wish you good fortune in your career journey. If you are open to opportunity, view setbacks as a challenge, and seek out ways to learn and grow, you will do well, wherever you may go.