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Durable habits for health and critical thinking
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What’s the key to our success? We start with authentic ingredients,  ensuring the training has high-fidelity to the real world.

As we design, we remove as much distracting clutter as we can, keeping the user interface simple and intuitive. We think really hard about the learning challenge, and do not stop until we understand the problem deeply.

Finally, we set a high bar for success. Train hard, so the real-world task becomes easy.

Not just another EdTech Company

Passion & Expertise

We understand learners, meeting them at their level, and we care about knowing the content deeply.

Real Data

Truth is not only stranger than fiction, it is also far more interesting.


Teachers and their students are stifled by the learning status quo; this frustration compels us to do better.

Family Tradition

These programs were years in the making, from three generations of educators.

see how campaigns are won

Election Lab

Democracy is either at its most vibrant or facing its greatest peril. Over 20 million teenagers will be eligible to vote in 2024. Are parents and schools doing enough to ensure they are ready to participate?
Detail of John F. Kennedy portrait
Detail of Election Lab map for the 1960 election

“Election Lab is insanely brilliant.”

Kimberly Fricker, EdD, Superintendent - Temple City Unified School District

Interactive Learning model after Kiili, et al.
Portrait of Rutherford B. Hayes, engraving
science in the service of learning

Real Data, Real Learning

The best kind of learning is a hard but rewarding challenge. A well-designed learning game is so immersive, players don’t even realize that they are learning.