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Engaged Learning

The primary mission of Indelible Learning is to improve the problem of student engagement through innovative educational video games and immersive programs relevant to real life.


Learning Games

Students are impatient and easily bored with traditional classroom delivery. Games are the most effective way of learning we have. Try them today!


Online Courses

Education for your children is the only secure road to a better life. Take charge of your child’s future with these resources you can use at home.


Instructional Resources

Hook your students with a perplexing challenge. We have real-world scenarios tied to instructional standards that will set you and your students up for success.

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We began by creating interactive real-world games and online courses to teach gifted children about life. Since 2009, we have actively expanded our focus for learners of all ages. What you are seeing today is a result of our journey . . .  we hope you enjoy playing them as we much as we did in creating them.


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