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Face Masks and Respirators

Example of a white surgical mask   Example of a blue surgical mask

During the past few months, I have received many questions about N95 respirators. Why are they called respirators, and not masks? Who are they for? Are they better than “regular” masks? Who should wear these respirators, and who benefits from wearing them? Which masks are appropriate for which task, and for which people?

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In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, End of Imperial, an interactive detective game, is free to play until the end of the school year. Supported by research funds from the National Institutes of Health.

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Poster for End of Imperial, a point-and-click adventure

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Sometimes the solution isn't found at the back of the book.

Diogenes Lantern

Critical Thinking

Consider the source, and when possible, verify it for yourself.



Knowing the answer isn't enough. To succeed, you need to convince others.



Problems in real life don't come in one convenient category.

  • We make immersive, interactive programs and games for science, health and social studies.
  • Our goal is to engage all learners, including gifted.
  • Our talent is making complex topics easy to understand.
  • We use technology where appropriate to create innovative, immersive, and interdisciplinary lessons.
  • Yet wherever possible, we give students the experience of working on real-world problems using actual data.
  • These scenarios have in common a compelling narrative, placing students in the role of a professional with a consequential decision to make.

The result is learning that is interesting, challenging, and memorable.

Election Lab

Learn how a campaign wins the U.S. presidency.

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An Expert's Point of View

Electoral College: STEM meets Civics is a web-based interactive program that elucidates the convoluted, indirect method we use to elect our President.

For students who are too young to vote, living in states that both major presidential campaigns ignore, civic engagement becomes a challenge.

This program flips the roles of voter and candidate, by giving the student the job of the campaign manager, with the task of finding a winning combination of states to become President.

Cognitive Bias

The Role of Cognitive Bias

Through this exercise students make several surprising discoveries:

  1. Maps of the election are visually misleading.
  2. A handful of swing states determine the winner.
  3. Most adults have a poor understanding of the probable outcomes in a presidential election.


US Map

Swing-state Combinations

Analysis of the Electoral College is aided by the mathematics of combinations, which systematically reveal outcomes for all scenarios.

Students arrive at the strategy of focusing on the handful of swing states (while ignoring the rest) as a natural result of the rules of our electoral system.

This cross-disciplinary approach to teaching the Electoral College uses math, but has been designed for non-mathematics teachers of social studies, history, and government, and will work with existing educational technology infrastructure.

Crater Maker

How Craters can be used as a clock — as a Planetary Geologist would use them

an impact crater on Earth

Craters on Earth

There are hardly any craters here...

an impact crater on the Moon

Craters on the Moon

...but the moon is covered with them.

screenshot of CraterMaker

Find out why

The Earth, its Moon, and other planets have wildly different crater patterns. Use Crater Maker to simluate these environments.

Hands-on Science Labs

Students walk in the shoes of professionals.

Our innovative programs present real-life scenarios that require 21st-century skills to solve authentic problems.

Light and Color

How hot, how fast, and how old

solar system and the problem of scale


From DNA to the stars

detail of a space shuttle launch

Space Exploration Failures

Engineering and 3 human errors

image of an erupting volcano

Volcanoes & Magnets

Why we need both to survive

map of Soviet air bases

Bomber Gap

Extrapolation driven by fear

animation of crater maker simulator

Crater Maker

How craters are used as a clock

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